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海參降血脂 Sea cucumber lowers blood cholesterol level

- 刺參內的多醣可能是其中一種天然抗氧化劑,可用作治療高脂血症 (“These results suggest that AJP* may prove to be a potential candidate of the natural antioxidants as a therapeutic agent for hyperlipidemia.”
* AJP: polysaccharide from Apostichopus japonicus)

- 在食物中攝取皂苷能顯著地抑制脂肪積累,並降低血清和肝臟脂質 (“The results indicated that a dietary saponin supplement significantly suppressed adipose accumulation, and reduced serum and hepatic lipids. ”)

- 海參的糖胺聚糖或有助降低患上動脈粥樣硬化及高脂蛋白血症之風險 (“Thus, the present study demonstrates that the sea cucumber GAG*s have the potential of being used for reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and hyperlipoproteinemia.” *GAG: glycosaminoglycan)

- 海參中的Am-CHS(Acaudina molpadioides)獲證實有力抗脂肪生成 (“These results further confirmed the anti-adipogenic activity of Am-CHS*.”
*Am-CHS: sea cucumber Acaudina molpadioides)

- 服食海參者「好膽固醇」(高密度脂蛋白膽固醇)水平顯著較高,而甘油三酯水平較低 (“HDL-cholesterol* level was significantly higher in the holothuria fed group, while triglyceride level was lower.”
*HDL-cholesterol: It is known as the "good" cholesterol because it helps remove other forms of cholesterol from your bloodstream)

- 海參皂苷通過介導肝臟膽固醇代謝發揮降脂作用,可顯著減少動脈粥樣硬化病變,程度與使用口服降血脂藥物辛伐他汀相若 (“SSC* could significantly reduce atherosclerotic lesion to the similar extent as simvastatin** intervention.
SSC exerted lipid-lowering effect via mediating cholesterol metabolism in liver.”
*SSC: saponins of sea cucumber
**simvastatin: it is a drug used to lower blood levels of "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL), to increase levels of "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL), and to lower triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood))

- fCSs即岩藻糖化硫酸軟骨素,是從海參中提取的糖胺聚醣,可能是一種具有保肝作用的降血脂藥物 (Both fCSs* might be potential antihyperlipdemic drugs with liver protection effect. *fCS: fucosylated chondroitin sulfates are glycosaminoglycans extracted from sea cucumbers)


海參抗疲勞 Sea cucumber provides excellent fatigue resistance

- 刺參在老鼠實驗中明顯顯示出抗疲勞及提高運動耐力的作用 (... S.japonicus* has an obvious anti-fatigue effect and improves exercise endurance in mice.
*Stichopus japonicus is a kind of sea cucumber)


海參有助抗癌 Sea cucumber helps tackling cancer

- 海參作為生物活性食物,當中的鞘脂或可抑制結腸癌 (Sphingolipids of sea cucumber might therefore serve as bioactive dietary components to suppress colon cancer.)

- 與抗癌藥10-羥基喜樹鹼相比,海參中的糖苷1-3(分別為Scabraside D、褐藻糖苷C及24-脫氫棘皮苷A)對五種人類腫瘤細胞更能展現出抗性 (The glycosides 1–3* show the in vitro cytotoxicity against five human tumor cell lines in comparison to 10-hydroxycamptothecin. *The glycosides 1-3 are defined as the three triterpene glycosides were identified as scabraside D (1), fuscocineroside C (2), and 24-dehydroechinoside A (3). **10-hydroxycamptothecin is an anticancer drug.)

- 海參中的新型硫酸化皂苷PE具有與抑制血管內皮生長因子受體VEGFR2相關的抗血管生成活性,並具有抗腫瘤活性功效,能減少腫瘤細胞增生及加速內皮細胞與腫瘤細胞的衰亡 (Our results indicate that PE* exerts an anti-angiogenic activity associated with inhibition of VEGFR2** signaling, and an anti-tumor activity associated with decreased proliferation of tumor cells and increased apoptosis of both endothelial cells and tumor cells. * PE: a new sulfated saponin from sea cucumber. ** VEGFR2: Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 2)

- 大量海參三萜糖苷在亞細胞毒性劑中表現出明顯抗癌性 (“A large number of sea cucumber triterpene glycosides demonstrate noticeable anticancer properties at their sub-cytotoxic doses...”)


海參抗炎 Sea cucumber is anti-inflammatory

- 其中一種海參holothuria polii含有潛在的抗增生及抗炎化合物 (This study is the first to provide evidence that H. polii* holds potential anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory compound(s)...” * H. polii: the sea cucumber Holothuria polii)

- 海參皂苷通過抑制促炎基因發揮抗炎作用,並對癌細胞具有抗增殖生作用,或可作為治療炎症類疾病與癌症的藥物 (These findings reveal that sea cucumber saponin exerts its anti-inflammatory effects through suppression of pro-inflammatory genes and also has anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells and could be developed as a candidate to treat inflammatory diseases and cancer.)

- 來自尤卡坦半島的海參I. badionotus表現出極強的抗炎活性 (Our study demonstrates that sea cucumber I. badionotus from the Yucatan Peninsula exhibits potent anti-inflammatory activity in vivo.)

- 抗炎測試顯示fCS-Am(fCS:岩藻糖化硫酸軟骨素;Am:Acaudina molpadioides)能有效減低鹿角菜膠所引起的水腫,或可作為抗過敏劑 (The anti-inflammatory assays of fCS-Am* showed significant reduction of the carrageenan induced edema in a dose depended manner, which could be used as a potential antiallergic agent. *fCS: fucosylated chondroitin sulfate; Am: Acaudina molpadioidea)


海參有助抗高血壓 Sea cucumber helps in anti-hypertension

- 其中一種海參子安輻肛參的蛋白水解物或可作為預防和治療高血壓的功能性食品和保健品 (It was concluded that Actinopyga lecanora* proteolysate could potentially be used for the development of functional foods and nutraceuticals for prevention and treatment of hypertension. *Actinopyga lecanora: a type of sea cucumber)

- 子安輻肛參的水解物能抗氧化及抗高血壓,可作為功能性食品 (This study indicates that A. lecanora* hydrolysate can be exploited as a source of functional food owing to its anti-oxidant as well as anti-hypertension functions.
*A. lecanora: Actinopyga lecanora, a type of sea cucumber)

- 在老鼠實驗中,患有高血壓老鼠在服用海參明膠水解物飲料後,心臟收縮壓和舒張壓顯著降低,顯示出口服海參明膠水解物具有降壓作用 (This sea cucumber gelatin hydrolysate (GH-III) was used as drinks administered to renal hypertensive rats (RHR) for 1 month. The systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure of the RHR were significantly reduced, which indicates an antihypertensive effect by oral administration.)


海參強化免疫系統 Sea cucumber strengthens immune system

- 刺參對黏膜免疫具有積極作用,適量食用刺參有助提高黏膜免疫力及預防外源性感染 (This study elucidated positive effects of A. japonicus on mucosal immunity for the first time, suggesting that moderate consumption of A. japonicus is helpful in improving mucosal immunity and preventing exogenous infection.)

- 在老鼠實驗中,海參酸粘多醣SJAMP透過刺激免疫器官和組織增生,有效抑制肝細胞癌生長,並強化了老鼠的細胞免疫管道 (In conclusion, SJAMP* effectively inhibited the growth of HCC** through the stimulation of immune organs and tissue proliferation, leading to the enhancement of cellular immunity pathways in rats. *SJAMP: Stichopus japonicus acid mucopolysaccharide, an important biologically active compound that can be extracted from the body wall of the sea cucumber. **HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma)

- 主要來自北大西洋瓜參的一種三萜糖苷frondoside A能改善免疫力,對於治療及預防疾病或具有療效 (Therefore, frondoside A* may provide curative and/or preventive treatment options against diseases wherein a depleted immune status contributes to the pathological processes. *Frondoside A: a major triterpene glycoside from North Atlantic commercially harvested sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa.)


海參有助護膚 Sea cucumber helps in skincare

- 在老鼠實驗中,海參中分離的小分子寡肽SCCOPs 可促進患有糖尿病老鼠的傷口顯著癒合 (These results suggest that treatment with SCCOPs* can promote significant wound healing in diabetic mice. *SCCOP: small molecule oligopeptides isolated from sea cucumber)

- 從水煮海參液體提取物中分離出的>50 kDa糖蛋白分子可作為功能性化妝品成分,用於美白和改善皺紋 (>50 kDa glycoprotein fraction isolated from liquid extracts of boiled sea cucumber, which can serve as a functional cosmetic ingredient for whitening and wrinkle improvement of skin.)

- 在老鼠實驗中,來自海參體壁的總硫酸化糖胺聚醣對老鼠傷口癒合尤其具有積極促進作用 (These results seems to suggest the beneficial effects of total sulfated GAG* particularly from the integument body wall of sea cucumber for the positive enhancement of wound healing process in rats model. *GAG: Glycosaminoglycans, a substance from sea cucumber)


海參有助抗凝血和抗血栓形成 Sea cucumber helps in anti-thrombotic and anti-coagulant

- 從海參提取的糖胺聚醣在體內具有抗凝活性,作為抗血栓藥物療效顯著 (GAG* possess anticoagulant activity in vivo and it is a promising drug for antithrombotic therapy. *GAG: Glycosaminoglycans, a substance from sea cucumber)

- 來自海參holothuria polii富含岩藻依聚醣的高硫酸鹽及二硫酸化岩藻糖殘基,使其褐藻糖膠具有高抗凝活性 (Overall results showed a high anticoagulant activity of Fuc-Hp*, which was attributed to the high sulfate content and abundance of disulfated fucose residues of H. polii fucoidan. *Fuc-Hp: fucoidan from the sea cucumber Holothuria polii)

海參降血糖 Sea cucumber lowers blood sugar level

- 埃及海參的皂苷作為一種降血糖劑,或能穩定異常生化參數及讓胰腺組織胰島細胞維持正常結構 (This study, therefore, depicts that the Egyptian Holothuria thomasi, sea cucumber saponin as a hypoglycemic agent with the potential to normalize aberrant biochemical parameters and preserved the normal histological architecture of the islets cells of pancreatic tissues.)

- 食用海參皂苷更透過增加生產脂聯素及減少由高脂肪飲食引起的腫瘤壞死因子α水平來預防脂肪因子失衡 (Dietary SSC* also prevented adipokine imbalance, by increasing adiponectin production and decreasing tumor necrosis factor alpha level caused by high-fat diet. *SCC: saponins of sea cucumber)

- 在老鼠實驗中,自北大西洋瓜參中分離的磷脂酰膽鹼富含二十碳五烯酸,可降低患有糖尿病老鼠的血糖水平 (These results illustrated that Cucumaria-PC* could reduce the blood glucose level in diabetic rats. *Cucumaria-PC: Eicosapentaenoic acid-enriched phosphatidylcholine isolated from the sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa)

- 從北大西洋瓜參中分離的褐藻糖膠Cf-FUC可透過激活骨骼肌與脂肪組織中的PI3K/PKB管道及GLUT4,表現出顯著的抗高血糖作用 (These results indicated that Cf-FUC* exhibited significant anti-hyperglycemic effects via activating PI3K/PKB pathway and GLUT4 in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue.
*Cf-FUC: fucoidan isolated from Cucumaria frondosa, a type of sea cucumber)

- 來自海參的岩藻糖化硫酸軟骨素CHS獲證實可增加胰島素的敏感性,或讓海參成為新興的功能性食品或藥物 (Identification of potential mechanism by which CHS* increased insulin sensitivity might provide a new functional food or pharmaceutical application of sea cucumber. *CHS: fucosylated chondroitin sulfate, a substance from sea cucumber)

海參有助抗菌和抗病毒 Sea cucumber helps in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

- 玉足海參離體器官的甲醇與甲醇水提取物具有顯著的抗真菌及抗毒性 (...there was significant antifungal and cytotoxic activity for methanol and methanol–water extracts of the isolated organs of Holothuria Leucospilota*... *Holothuria Leucospilota: a type of sea cucumber)

- 岩藻糖化硫酸軟骨素FucCS是一種自海參中分離出獨特且高度硫酸化的糖胺聚醣,能高度及迅速地破壞玫瑰花結(已感染瘧疾的紅血球與未感染的紅血球結合),並能通過乾擾裂殖子入侵來阻止寄生蟲滋長,或能作為對抗嚴重瘧疾的輔助治療品 (Importantly, FucCS* rapidly disrupted rosettes** at high levels, and it was also able to block parasite development by interfering with merozoite invasion. Collectively, these findings highlight the potential of FucCS as a candidate for adjunct therapy against severe malaria. *FucCS: fucosylated chondroitin sulfate, a unique and highly sulfated glycosaminoglycans isolated from the sea cucumber. **Rosette: a Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocyte (IE) adhesion phenotype that is associated with severe malaria in sub-Saharan Africa)

- 海參啫喱對口腔念珠菌展現出壓抑作用 (“The sea cucumber jelly showed inhibitory effects on the oral Candida.”)


海參保護腦部及神經系統 Sea cucumber protects brain and nervous system

- 玉足海參提取物在毒素誘導及基因轉殖秀麗隱桿線蟲兩個帕金森病模式中均表現出抗帕金森效應 (In summary, H. leucospilota* extracts exhibited anti-Parkinson effect in both toxin-induced and transgenic C. elegans** models of PD***. *H. leucospilota: Holothuria leucospilota, a type of sea cucumber. **C. elegans: caenorhabditis elegans. *** PD: Parkinson disease)

- 海參腦苷脂及海星腦苷脂在H2O2和t-BHP誘導的PC12細胞損傷中發揮了重要保護作用,表明海參腦苷脂和海星腦苷脂或可作為一種神經系統氧化損傷治療劑 (In conclusion, SCC* and SFC** played an important protective role in H₂O₂ and t-BHP-induced damage of PC12 cells, suggesting that the SCC and SFC may be a potential therapeutic agent against nervous system oxidative damage. *SCC: sea cucumber cerebrosides. **SFC: starfish cerebrosides)


海參改善胃腸道系統 Sea cucumber improves gastric system

- 在老鼠測試中,海參提取物HaE有助預防老鼠的胃潰瘍 (The results clearly indicate that pre-treatment (on the gastric ulcer in rats) with HaE* is preferable.
*HaE: Holothuria arenicola extract)

- 在老鼠測試中,海參褐藻糖膠為老鼠預防了由乙醇誘發的胃潰瘍,同時逆轉了乙醇對胃部所引起的生化變化,此病理同樣見效於抗氧化、抑制基質水解及抗炎 (Sea cucumber fucoidan prevents ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in rats. It meanwhile reverses gastric biochemical changes induced by ethanol. Mechanisms cover antioxidation, matrix hydrolysis suppressing and anti-inflammation.)